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Wellesley Peak of the Olympic Range

Wellesley Peak is named for a member of the Worthington family, Grace Worthington Swabey, who attended Wellesley College in 1914 to 1916. The first Quilcene forest ranger for the U.S. Forest Service was G.A. Whitehead who came to Quilcene in 1910 and worked exploring the National Forest for eight years.  He explored every stream to … Continue reading

Mt Worthington of the Olympic Range

Mt Worthington stands 6938′ (2115 m) tall. A saddle ridge at 6100′ connects Mt Worthington to Hawk Peak which reaches 6545′ (1995 m) Mount Worthington was named for the William J. Worthington family, pioneers in the town of Quilcene. In 1886 Will Worthington began selling groceries and provisions from a sloop on Hood Canal, and … Continue reading

William Jenner (“Willie”) Worthington (1896-1909)

In 1909 Willie died tragically of blood poisoning in the prime of his youth, shortly after his graduation from the 8th grade at Quilcene School. He was the eldest son of WJ and Grace Worthington, and big brother to sisters Grace, Mariette, Robert, Harold, Norman, John, and Kenneth.

Grace Worthington Swabey (1893-1984)

Named after her mother, Grace Worthington attended Wellesley College near Boston, Massachusetts, from 1915-17. Grace also earned her MA in Education from University of California at Berkeley. She married Lawrence Swabey of Kirkland, WA. Wellesley Peak The first Quilcene forest ranger for the U.S. Forest Service was Mr. G.A. Whitehead, who became a life-long friend … Continue reading

William “WJ” Jenner Worthington (1863-1936)

WJ was the eldest son of William, Sr. and Ellen Jenner Worthington. WJ was always close to his brother, Edgar. Edgar made  frequent visits throughout his lifetime to WJ’s family home in Quilcene. WJ and Ed were business partners all their lives in a variety of ventures. In the late 1880s WJ (also known as … Continue reading

Grace Amelia Legg Worthington (1869-1935)

William Jenner Worthington married Grace Amelia Legg of Speedville, NY in 1892 in Seattle. They had eight children: their daughters Grace and Mariette, and six sons Willie, Robert, Harold, Norman, John, and Kenneth. Grace’s father, born in 1850, was Edwin Emmet Legg, a school teacher in Speedsville, NY whose ancestor fought in the American Revolution.

Robert Edgar Worthington (1900-1995)

Robert Worthington, son of William Jenner and Grace Amelia (Legg) Worthington, was born in Quilcene in 1900. A 1917 Quilcene High School graduate, he later graduated from the University of Washington in the Phi Kappa Sigma fraternity and obtained his MA in Forestry from the U of W in 1932.  He also pursued a doctorate … Continue reading

Eilleen Worthington (1919- 2012)

Eilleen Worth­ington (1919- 2012) was from Coupeville, on Whidbey Island, WA.  She was a charter member of the Quilcene Historical Museum, and donated the land for it. She was the second wife of Robert Worthington, who was divorced when he met Eilleen in 1973 when they were hiking in Norway. Eilleen Worthington lived in Quilcene … Continue reading

Mabel L. Robertson Worthington

Edgar’s Worthington’s wife, Mabel L. Robertson, was from from El Paso, Texas. She had a daughter, Minnie, who Edgar adopted. By 1910 the family lived in Seattle, where Minnie, who adopted the Worthington family name, attended Queen Anne High School. Later in life, Edgar and Mabel moved to Los Angeles for retirement to be near … Continue reading