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 Worthington Park (WP) is a unique and beautiful ten acre, multi-use facility committed to environmental best practices and enhancing the historical, cultural, recreational, and economic livelihood of the South Jefferson County region. The Worthington Mansion was built in 1892 and contains 17 rooms, rises to 3 stories, and is capped by a magnificent Late Victorian, French 2nd Empire Mansard roof. The Worthington Barn was built in 1915, while the small garage – just the right size to house a Model T car – was added in 1925 on the neighboring ten acres which includes 600 feet of frontage on the Little Quilcene River.

Worthington House featured in Summer 2018 Tracing the Fjord magazine: Click here to read more.

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Hamilton-Worthington House in 1907. Worthington family shown.

Hamilton-Worthington House in 1907. Worthington family shown.

On August 2011 a purchase agreement for the ten acres with river access and the mansion property was entered into between the Museum and the Worthington family.  In September 2011 Worthington Park was officially named. In 2012 the Linger Longer Performance (LLP) Stage was dedicated and its first outdoor concert was staged that July.

Edgar Worthington's first truck is built, called the Gersix, a six-cylinder built in a repair shop in Portland, Oregon.

Edgar Worthington’s first truck, the Gersix, a six-cylinder


Visitation to our region is increasing dramatically every year with over a million vehicles passing through Quilcene on HWY 101 in 2018. Olympic National Park had over 3 million visitors last year (ranking 7 in the top 10).  As completion of the mansion draws closer, the Quilcene Historical Museum will continue to upgrade its facilities. Increased cooperative partnerships will cater to the needs of both tourists and the community, by operating as a special event period throughout peak tourist seasons – extending through late fall and early spring seasons.

WP infrastructure provides ideal settings for special events throughout the year for visitors from outside the county, state, and nation with its historical Museum, restored Victorian mansion, and outdoor theater. WP’s shared vision is to effectively integrate these unique features into a multi-functional event center to attract increased numbers of visitors as it educates, entertains, and enriches. WP is an emerging tourism asset that is expected to attract significant and increasing numbers of visitors as it becomes fully operational in the spring of 2019, fully integrating the museum, mansion, and outdoor theater – with all of the $1.5M restoration effort proceeding without debt.

Increasing numbers of both donors and volunteers (now over 100) are investing their time and money into WP, increasing from a modest 500 hrs in 2012 to over 5,000 hours in 2017. Volunteers come from as far away as Edmunds, Seattle and Port Angeles. Strong collaborations and partnerships within Jefferson County continue to build, including the: Tourism Coordinating Council, Historical Society, Board of County Commissioners, Department of Community Development, Chamber of Commerce, local Visitor Centers, etc.  By moving to broaden and strengthen our area economic and community partnerships, it will insure our operational success.

Worthington Park will open its doors the latter part of this year to showcase its potential through the fall and winter into 2019; the full array of capabilities and services it offers to regional and distant audiences. We are seeking additional partnerships with local businesses, nonprofit organizations, and communities to become a magnet for future visitors to our unique facilities.


Halloween Harvest Festival – Worthington Park (Quilcene Museum) and the Quilcene School District are teaming up to bring you an evening of fun! Click Here to learn more, and view or download the flyer.

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In 1991, twelve citizens created the Quilcene Historical Museum to preserve the history of the region’s native peoples, early European and Asian settlers, and the cultural and economic development of the Olympic Peninsula. Founding museum

Eilleen Worthington (1919- 2012)

Eilleen Worthington (1919- 2012)

member and local philanthropist, Eilleen Worthington, donated a portion of her land for the museum site. In July 2011, nearing the end of her life, she offered the museum a two-year purchase option to buy her home, the 1892 Victorian Mansion, the 1915 barn, two outbuildings, and ten acres, some bordering the Little Quilcene River. Thus began a Five Phase project called Worthington Park.

In January 2014, the Hamilton-Worthington House was given Washington State and later National Historic Trust historic designation. The Hamilton-Worthington mansion is the only remaining house of its size, integrity, and cultural relevance in rural Jefferson County.


Worthington Park events support many small businesses. Pertaining directly to Worthington Park, one wedding held there in July of 2014 brought 280 guests and additional sales and service to 27 local businesses in Quilcene and Jefferson County. Based on tracking data of visitors to the museum, to Worthington Park, and to the Linger Longer Stage and meadow, which are available for public rental. There are summer concerts, family gatherings, club meetings, museum events, and the half marathon, the number of visitors has increased from 976 people in 2012, to 2,705 in 2015 from 65 WA State cities, 19 U.S. states, and 5 foreign countries. We plan to reach a 3,000 visitor count in 2016.